Ventilated front

Sofcontra® displays an exceptional service in finishing thanks to its expert staff and its cutting edge equipment

    • Environment preparation is done through isolation, ventilation and caulking.
    • Toward tiles, sanding that will allow complete removal a varnish or paint peeling.
    • Finally the polishing: In order to obtain a shiny surface that will enhance the splendor of your living space.

Indoor and outdoor floor tiles

The installation of floor tiles whether on a wall or a floor requires a certain know-how. 

The laying of floor tiles must comply with a set of rules. Our staff is well trained to insure flawless results while relying on the most demanding techniques

    • Surface preparation 
    • Solid cleats fixation
    • Mortar application
    • Rapid laying
    • Perfect squaring

Sofcontra®  staff takes pride while insuring to its customer optimal results.  

Kitchen board

Sofcontra® aims your satisfaction after any purchase, thus a customer service (After sale) is available and insures for all your maintenance inquiries.

In that regard, all service delivery are recorded then sent to our quality experts so they will continuously improve the yield of our products, thus enhancing the customer experience.


Bathroom Vanity Tops

Laboratory Counters

Reception Desk