About us
Sofcontra® was established in 2000, the company's activity is entirely dedicated for marble slabs and floor tiles production; granite as well as synthetic quartz with customized dimensions.

Since its creation 18 years ago,Sofcontra® purely relies on the Breton Terastone system, its process has shown such efficiency and yield through its technological approach, thus leading to products with a unique quality. Sofcontra® has a strong market coverage since it operates across Algeria in 35 districts. Bechar and Adrar located in the southern parts of the country take the lead. 

Sofcontra® greatest asset is its staff who acquired through years a tremendous experience in this activity and is fully complying with professionalism tenets. As for now, Sofcontra® has 92 workers, the number of staff increases according to specific criteria in our terms of recruitment.

Sofcontra® has proven itself through exportation of various products toward industrial countries with a strong economy such as Australia. We are proud as well for being in partnership with the United States and Canada.
As the market demand is rising up, we plan to set up a new production unit in Aïn Témouchent district. The latter will be at 80.00% dedicated for exportation purpose whose production concerns plates made of synthetic Quartz only.

Thanks to our innovative systems, Sofcontra® offers customized tailor-made solutions for laying your steps; stair risers; kitchen counters and more... This will allow our customers to be unique. Winning our customer satisfaction is Sofcontra's® leitmotiv.