Sofcontra® Quality

Sofcontra® products materials are carefully selected then processed for an optimal rendering yet exceptional in terms of quality. 

Tailored for any living space

Highly diversified, Sofcontra® products were engineered in order to maximize its compatibility with your living estate.

Sofcontra® Reputation

Sofcontra® is in partnership with Australia, the United States and Canada since various products are exported there

Breton Terastone

Sofcontra® experts know-how process their products on the Breton Terastone advanced system 



Since its creation 18 years ago, Sofcontra® purely relies on the Breton Terrastone system, its process has shown such efficiency and yield through its technological approach, thus leading to products with a unique quality

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Our motto, quality first products. This is insured at every stage of the manufacturing process while keeping up a high yield. Read more
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Our services are available here

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Sanding & Polishing

Sanding floor tiles is very useful when it comes to take off paint peeling and varnish in general. The operation is done on the surface of a tile by using an electric sander.

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Floor Tile laying

The installation of floor tiles whether on a wall or a floor requires a certain know-how. The laying of floor tiles must comply with a set of rules. Our staff is well trained to insure flawless results while relying on the most demanding techniques

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Costumer Service

Our products are designed to be long lasting, for any of your inquiries such as maintenance works or claims, our customer service is very welcoming for support.

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